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Eastern Mole: The Hidden Helper of Your Garden

Photo by Kenneth Catania, Vanderbilt University

Hey there, Beasties! Have you ever heard about the Eastern Mole? This small creature is a real superhero in your garden! No, it doesn’t wear a cape, but it does fantastic things that help your plants grow big and strong. Just like an underground miner, it digs tunnels deep in the soil. But why, you ask? Well, these tunnels help the earth to breathe! Yes, soil needs to breathe just like we do!

Eastern Mole

But that’s not all! While digging, the mole stirs up the soil, making it softer. This helps the roots of your plants spread out more easily. And when it rains? The water flows better through the soft, mixed-up soil, reaching more parts of your garden. So, next time you see a mound of soil in your garden, remember – it’s a sign of our hidden helper, the Eastern Mole!

Who Are They?

eastern mole

These critters, although tiny and fuzzy, are mighty hard workers. They live most of their lives out of sight, right under our feet, making a network of tunnels in your garden. But what’s really cool about them is that they don’t just live anywhere. These creatures can be found from the eastern Atlantic coast all the way to the Midwest of North America. That’s a lot of digging!

The Eastern Mole might be small, but it makes a big difference in your garden. By digging tunnels, they’re doing more than just making a home for themselves. They are also helping to keep the soil in your garden healthy. Their digging helps to mix the soil and lets air and water move around more easily. So, if you spot tiny mounds of soil in your garden, don’t worry, it’s just our friend the Eastern Mole working hard and helping out!

Why Are They Helpers?

Eastern mole
Photo by Bert Cash

These little critters are like nature’s gardeners. While they dig their tunnels, they move the soil around. This is super important because it allows air to get into the soil. And guess what? Plants love it! Just like us, plants need air to grow, and the Eastern Mole helps get that air to the roots.

But that’s not all, our furry friends also have a big appetite for harmful insects and larvae. They gobble them up, preventing them from damaging our beautiful gardens. So, while they are out of sight, these moles are always on the job. Their work helps our gardens to stay healthy and look beautiful! So, the next time you think about the Eastern Mole, remember, they’re the hidden heroes of our gardens.


  • Despite being called moles, they are not rodents but belong to a group of mammals called Insectivores.

  • Eastern Moles can eat up to 70% of their body weight in a day.

  • They have a special bone in their nose that helps them dig efficiently.

Life of an Eastern Mole

Eastern Mole

Picture a small, busy digger living alone in a maze of tunnels. That’s right, Eastern Moles love their own company! Their homes are amazing networks of tunnels that they have dug themselves. Can you imagine having a whole network of secret tunnels to call home?

These moles don’t just sleep all day. No way! They’re always on the go, hunting for their food or digging new tunnels. They’re awake and busy both day and night, with short naps in between. So while we’re enjoying the daylight or sleeping at night, the Eastern Mole is working tirelessly beneath us, being the hidden helper of our gardens. Remember, every mound of soil in your garden is a sign of the busy life of an Eastern Mole!

Why They Love Your Garden

Eastern Mole

Ever wondered why the Eastern Mole loves your garden so much? Well, your garden is like a treasure trove to them. It’s filled with delicious insects that they love to eat. Think of it as their favorite all-you-can-eat buffet!

The soil in your garden is also perfect for the Eastern Mole. It’s just soft enough for them to dig their extensive tunnel systems. It’s their very own playground where they can run, dig, and explore. So, if you ever spot a molehill in your garden, give yourself a pat on the back! It means your garden is a healthy, inviting place for our friendly moles. It’s a sure sign that the Eastern Mole is around, working its magic underground, helping your garden to thrive!

How to Spot an Eastern Mole

Spotting an Eastern Mole can be quite exciting! Even though you might not see them often, there are some telltale signs of their activity.

Look closely at the ground in your garden. Do you see any raised ridges or small mounds of soil? That’s a sign that an Eastern Mole has been busy digging tunnels underground. It’s like their own secret map written in the soil! But, remember, it’s important to respect their space and not disturb these signs. They are a part of the moles’ homes after all. So, next time you’re in the garden, keep an eye out for these signs. You might just spot the hidden helper of your garden, the Eastern Mole!

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France
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